Radio Trainer

Radio Trainer

Berat: 10.0 Kg


The Radio Trainer is designed to teach and demonstrate the principles of communication radio, specifically in radio broadcast-band reception system. The system come as a compact desktop system with clearly block schematic diagram printed on upper side. It enables the student to learn and practice receiving AM/FM radio system easily. The construction of desktop type is easy for student to handle and placed on experiment-table when conducting experiments. Provided with 25 realistic faults simulation to customized in doing experiment and troubleshooting of radio receiver. The LED fault indicators placed on each block diagram and lights on with fault accrued. The lights as indicating the fault occurs are able to disable, for examination purpose. Complete with comprehensive experiment manual book to guide the student step by step conducting experiments. Radio receiver system : Integrated Circuit


  • TE09001E AM RF Amplifier, Mixer and Oscillator
  • TE09002E AM IF Amplifier
  • TE09003E Detector and AGC
  • TE09004E FM Receiver Front end: FM RF Amplifier, Mixer and Oscillator
  • TE09005E FM IF Amplifier, Detector and AFC
  • TE09006E Multiplex Stereo Demodulator
  • TE09007E Tone Control
  • TE09008E Audio Amplifier


  • Radio receiver system : Integrated circuit
  • Frequency coverage :
    • FM : 88 – 108 MHz
    • AM : MW : 530 – 1600 kHz
    • SW : 5.0 – 18 MHz
  • Sensitivity : 1mV (approx)
  • IF frequency :
    • FM : 10.7MHz
    • AM : 455kHz
  • Audio output power : 2 × 2 watts
  • Tone control  : Bass & Treble
  • Fault simulation system : 25 faults selectable with push-button and electronic switch
  • Test point : 25 Test Point on PCB component side
  • Power requirements : 220VAC / 50Hz
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