Trainer Penerima Satelit Digital

Trainer Penerima Satelit Digital

Berat: 70.0 Kg



  • The Digital Satellite Receiver Trainer is designed for the teaching and learning of basic knowledge on installation and device settings of a completesatellite receiver .
  • Block diagram of the Digital Satellite Receiver is included that can be used as installation guide.
  • In training, students can immediately practice to install, assemble and set up the device as well as field trials, so that the students can understand the working principles of each stage of the satellite television receiver systems.
  • The Digital Satellite Receiver Trainer is excellent in providing knowledge on basic skills regarding:
    • Installation and setup of Feedhorn Low Noise Block (LNBF) Converter;
    • Parabolic Antenna Alignment based on location
    • Installation and alignment of a parabolic dish reflector and the connection from the LNB to the receiver using a coaxial cable;
    • Provided with software CD to guide the satellite signal receiving antenna alignment
    • The setting and set up program on the receiving device both manually and automatically
  • Equipped with supporting facilities work stored on shelves covered with a safety lock
  • Include Experiments manual


  • EE05001 Satellite Communication Systems
  • EE05002 Digital Satellite Receiver System
  • EE05003 Introduction of Basic Components Digital Satellite Receiver
  • EE05004 Parabolic Dish Antenna Installation Digital Satellite Receiver
  • EE05005 Parabolic Antenna Actuator Installation
  • EE05006 Positioner Module Operation
  • EE05007 Setting Position and Direction Antenna
  • Digital Satellite Receiver


  • Main Power Supply
    • Input voltage : 220V/50Hz (AC)
  • Low Noise Block Feed Horn Down Converter
    • LNBF C-band
    • LNBF Ku-band
  • Connection Terminals
    • LNB IN / OUT : F connector (male & female)
    • AudioVideo IN/OUT: RCA male to female with cable
    • Coaxial Cable Type : RG6 / 75 ohm /Length of 2 x 10 meters
  • Digital Satellite Equipment (DiSEqc) Receiver
    • Digital Satellite Receiver HD
    • Frequency operation : 950 – 2150MHZ
    • Fully DVB-S2 Std Digital TV Reception Compliant
    • Storage Capacity : up to 2000 TP/4000 Channels
    • Support HDTV / SDTV MPEG2/MPEG4
    • Support Signal Modulated in QPSK/8PSK
    • Support USB 2.0 ; DiSEqC 1.2 1.0/DiSEqc
      IN/OUT mode  : LNB IN ; Audio L/R(OUT) ; CVBS (OUT) : Coaxial (OUT); HDMI (OUT); RS232 & USB (IN)
  • Display Monitor Reception
    • Size Display : 7″
    • Display type : TFT LCD Monitor
    • Screen mode : High Resolution Wide Screen Display
    • Resolution : 480 x 234 Pixels
    • System Mode : NTSC / PAL
  • Digital Satellite Equipment (DiSEqc) Positioner + Actuator
    • Dual mode; Anti-Noise circuit
    • Has 60 programmable memories Position
    • Equipped with a series of short circuit & overload protection
    • Actuator motor with limit switch
  • Digital Satellite Equipment (DiSEqc) Switch
  • Mode : 2 x 1 ( DiSEqc Switch 1.2)
  • Antenna :
    • 6 Feet Solid Dish Parabolic
    • Prime Focus Type Assemble with standbase
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